Tuesday, February 09, 2010


Well, I just read a headline on yahoo news stating that despite Obama's efforts at bi-partisanship, partisanship is alive and well. I think that the best thing that Obama and the Dems can do right now is to continue to try and be as bi-partisan as possible. Let's face it, they do not play well as the dominant party. They just split themselves up between liberals and blue dogs and kill any momentum that they gain in elections. Maybe they can be better as legislative mediators since they obvioulsy can't push any bills through on their own. The more they invite the republicans into the mix, them more the Republicans become responsible for governing. I can think of strong arguments against this course too, but they all seem like unobtainable ideals. They shouldn't have been unobtainable, but after watching the Dems squander a 60 vote majority, it's awfully hard to have faith in them to get anything done.

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