Tuesday, April 20, 2010


Our southeastern neighbors have done it. They've decided to turn their entire police force into and immigration agency. If the governor signs this bill into law, what it will mean is no less than open season for crimes against immigrants. Undocumented workers, here trying to make a living and escape the drug violence in Mexico, will feel too intimidated to report any crimes to the authorities. As if a young woman who has just been raped doesn't have enough fear of reporting the crime, now she'll never do it, thinking that if she does, she'll just be sent back to Mexico where, in the nearby state of Chihuahua around 300 young women disappear every year. So where will they turn to for protection? I'm guessing to organized crime. I'm betting that drug cartels, the very people responsible for so much violence, will quickly enter the 'protection' racket and extort the poor for their 'services'. So, the drug runners will grow even more powerful. 
I've heard there all calls to boycott Arizona. I don't know what kind of shape such actions would take, but I'll definitely be looking into it. Huh, divestment from Arizona. It might really teach them if all the latinos, immigrants and citizens, just left the state.
Let's just hope the governor decides to veto the bill.

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