Monday, January 25, 2010

a brief ramble

After a weekend free of news input, it's hard for me to blog about anything in a constructive manner this morning. I feel the pull to complain about the usual grievances of course, but like I said, it would not be very constructive. I did recently have a discussion with one of my co-workers who said that while he is strongly against abortion, he doesn't think that legislation is the way to get rid of it. 'Get rid of it' is probably a poor choice of words, I mean he doesn't think that legislation is a good or effective means of ending the practice of abortion. Rather he believes that what we really need is a change in our culture. I agree with him, now its just a matter of pin-pointing what exactly is wrong with our culture and then deciding what the best way to rectify the situation would be. My interests in the matter are becoming a bit more vested as recent changes in my life are disallowing my earlier tendency towards nihilism. I would like to see our culture change for the better. I think one place where we seem to have lost our way a bit is greed. The constant drive for more and bigger is having a serious de-salutary effect on our society. But how does one eliminate greed? Answer me that internet.

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